Saturday, March 25, 2017

Russia: 6 Russian troops and 6 rebels killed as insurgents attacked a military base in Chechnya


Six Russian troops died in the early hours of Friday when a group of insurgents attacked their base in Chechnya, with six rebels killed in the resulting shootout, the National Guard said.

Russia’s National Guard, established last year, is a new branch of internal troops aimed at defending borders and countering extremism.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Somalia: Al-Shabaab claims to kill 17 soldiers in southwestern Somalia attack


An organization that monitors extremist groups says al-Shabaab has claimed to kill 17 soldiers and wound 22 in an attack in southwestern Somalia.

The SITE Intelligence Group says in a statement Thursday that the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab’s news agency posted a claim on Facebook about attacking the coastal city of Barawe.

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Afghanistan: Afghan Taliban capture city of Sangin


Afghan forces have spent months trying to keep the Taliban at bay.

The Taliban have captured the crucial southern Afghan city of Sangin after a year-long battle, officials say.

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Egypt: 10 Egyptian soldiers killed in clashes with jihadists in central Sinai


Ten members of Egypt’s security forces were killed by two improvised roadside bombs during clashes with jihadist militants in central Sinai, the Egyptian army said on Thursday.

Fifteen of the Islamist fighters were also killed, while seven others were arrested in the raid on what the Egyptian army describes as “an extremely dangerous” hideout for Islamist fighters.

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