Sunday, May 19, 2019

Yemen: Yemeni forces recapture key southern city of Qatabah from Houthi rebels


Yemeni forces drove Houthi rebels out of Qatabah in the southern province of Dhalea on Friday, retaking control the strategic city after more than two weeks.

The Southern Joint Forces, comprised of several pro-government military groups, killed more than 100 rebels in heavy clashes that lasted five hours, said a spokesman for the Security Belt force that played a major part in the battle.

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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Thousands flee fighting between army and militias in South Kivu


Thousands of civilians are fleeing fighting between the Democratic Republic of Congo’s army and militia groups in the eastern South Kivu province, a local official told AFP on Friday.

Some 25,000 of them have gathered in Minwembe, the rural commune’s deputy mayor Charles Sadiki told AFP.

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Friday, May 17, 2019

Egypt: 5 soldiers and 47 militants killed in Sinai clashes


At least 47 militants and five soldiers, including an officer, were killed in an exchange of fire in Egypt’s restive Sinai Peninsula, the Egyptian army said Thursday.

In a statement carried on state television, the army said it had also managed to confiscate “several rifles and improvised explosive devices” in northern and central Sinai.

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Iraq: 1 civilian killed as Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and Turkey clashes continue in Kurdistan Region


The spike in Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)-Turkey clashes continues as a civilian was killed in a suspected Turkish airstrike in Sherwan Mazin, Erbil Governorate while looking for rhubarb. In a separate incident, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was allegedly shot down by the PKK in Amedi district, Dohuk Governorate.

A statement by Major Saadun Hawdyani, spokesperson for Soran district police, revealed that a 60-year-old retired Peshmerga named Kazim Ali Faqo from Pendro village went missing in Sherwan Mazin on Tuesday, May 14; he was later confirmed dead.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Libya: Fierce clashes around Tripoli International Airport


Clashes intensified on Monday between forces under the command of the Government of National Accord and those attacking Tripoli under Khalifa Haftar’s command on southern Tripoli frontlines.

The fierce fighting was reported on frontlines of Airport Road, Al-Sawani, Al-Twaisha and Qasir Benghashir, all of which are near the Tripoli International Airport.

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