Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tunisia: Clashes between terrorists of Okba Ibn Nafaa brigade and army in Kasserine


A massive anti-terrorism operation has concluded in the Hay el Karma neighbourhood in Kasserine, where in recent days Tunisian armed forces have been fighting jihadists who on Monday ambushed a military patrol on Mt. Sammama, killing three soldiers.

Official sources confirmed shootings between jihadists and military soldiers with two jihadists and a 16-year-old civilian killed.

One of the terrorists killed could be Jihad El M’barki, wanted by authorities and brother of well-known terrorist Mourad Gharsalli, who was killed by special forces in 2015.

He was the lieutenant for Lokman Abou Sakher, killed in March 2015 and leader of the Okba Ibn Nafaa brigade, which claimed responsibility for the ambush on Mt. Sammama.

The News:
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