Nuclear weapons: Who has what?

Arms Control (source by 2017)

Known to have nuclear weapons
Suspected to have nuclear weapons
Accused of pursuing weapons, now in deal never to do so*

Country First test Most recent test Total tests Estimated warheads
United States 1945 1992 1,054 7,650
Russia 1949 1990 715 8,420
United Kingdom 1952 1991 45 225
France 1960 1996 210 300
China 1964 1996 45 240
India 1974 1998 6 80-100
Pakistan 1998 1998 6 90-110
North Korea 2006 2017 6 Fewer than 10
Israel No confirmed test No confirmed test No confirmed test 80
Iran No confirmed test No confirmed test No confirmed test 0

Source of article, images and informations updated January 6, 2015: CNN


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Nuclear Weapons:
Who has what?

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