Pictures of War


Philippines: Army in clash with Abu Sayyaf in Patikul (picture February 2, 2019)

Syria: Rebel infighting in northern Syria intensifies as clashes spill into Idlib (picture January 3, 2019)

Nigeria: Death toll rises in Boko Haram military base attack in NE Nigeria (picture Decembre 4, 2018)

Somalia: Al-Shabaab claims car bomb attack in Somalia, 17 dead (picture November 9, 2018)

Gaza Strip:’Iconic’ image of Palestinian protester in Gaza goes viral (picture October 24, 2018)

United Kingdom: RAF bombard ISIS command posts in Syria as ‘last pockets of fighters’ surrounded (picture October 8, 2018)

India: Fierce encounter between Police and Maoists in Malkangiri (picture September 14, 2018)

Afghanistan: Suicide bomber kills 48 in Kabul as students prepare for university exams (picture August 15, 2018)

Philippines: 2 soldiers, 4 militants killed in clashes (picture July 6, 2018)

Yemen: Yemen forces launch assault on rebel-held port city of Hodeida (picture June 14, 2018)

Puntland: Puntland, Somaliland forces clash outside Tukaraq (picture May 15, 2018)

Israel: Dozens of Palestinians killed in Gaza clashes as US Embassy opens (picture April 14, 2018)

Syria: US, France and Great Britain attack Syria (picture April 14, 2018)

Palestine: Nine killed in Gaza as Palestinian protesters face off with Israeli soldiers (picture April 6, 2018)

Egypt: Army kills 13 militants, arrests 86 suspects in day 20 of ‘Sinai 2018’ (picture March 1, 2018)

Syria: Marwan, four years old, crosses the desert alone to escape the war (picture February 18, 2018)

Syria: Syrian government forces gain ground on rebels as Turkey battles Kurds (picture February 1, 2018)