Pictures of War

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Ukraine: Russia claims to take Soledar, a battlefield gain, but swaps war commanders (picture January 11 2023)

Sudan: Sudan clashes killed nearly 27 people, despite peace agreement signed in 2020 (picture June 7 2022)

Ukraine: Contact lost with troops amid ‘heavy fighting’ at Azovstal: Mayor (picture May 4 2022)

Ukraine: Ukraine’s troops fight war of ambush and skirmish against Russian invaders (picture March 22 2022)

Russia: World reacts to Russia’s attack on Ukraine (picture February 24 2022)

Sudan: Sudan’s military takes power in coup, arrests prime minister (picture Octobre 25 2021)

Afghanistan: Taliban take control of Kabul as President Ashraf Ghani flees Afghanistan (picture August 15 2021)

Haiti: Haiti President Moïse assassinated at home, wife hospitalized (picture July 7 2021)

Ethiopia: Ethiopian forces withdraw from Tigray regional capital Mekelle (picture June 28 2021)

Israel: Israel prepares for possible ground invasion in Gaza ‘at any given moment’ as war rages on (picture May 14 2021)

Eritrea: Eritrea vows troop pullout in Ethiopia’s Tigray after admitting presence (picture April 17 2021)

Syria: US army reinforces its defense in eastern Syria (picture March 5 2021)



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