Video of War


Iraq: Kurdish Peshmerga operation against Islamic State in Tuz Khurmatu area December 11, 2018

Ukraine: “We protect the DPR’s territorial integrity” Says Ukraine War “Rebel” DPR Soldier November 01, 2018

Syria: The Syrian Kurds capture dozens of IS and FSA gunmen October 03, 2018

Libia: In Tripoli fighting house by house September 4, 2018

Afghanistan: Ghazni assault, Taliban kill 100 Afghan soldiers in offensive on key city August 14, 2018

Iraq: Iraq launches major operation against terrorists July 4, 2018

Libya: Libyan military on the verge of victory in Derna June 7, 2018

Burma-Myanmar: At least 19 dead in fighting between Myanmar army and TNLA May 12, 2018


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