Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Mali: At least 95 killed in attack on ethnic Dogon village in central Mali


At least 95 people were killed when gunmen raided their village in central Mali late on Sunday, France 24 has confirmed, marking the latest attack in a region that has witnessed a resurgence of ethnic and jihadist violence.

The attack took place in the ethnic Dogon village of Sobane, in Mali’s central Mopti region, where Dogon hunters and members of the largely nomadic Fulani ethnic group have repeatedly clashed in recent months.

Armed assailants set fire to the village and shot villagers as they sought to escape the flames, the mayor of Sangha told France 24’s correspondent in Bamako, Christelle Pire.

The mayor said the charred bodies of 95 people had been found and that several more villagers were missing.

The News:
https://www.france24 … -central-mali-sobane



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