Sunday, July 1, 2018

Ukraine: Army retakes village in Luhansk region without violation of Minsk accords


Ukrainian Member of Parliament and leader of the Information Resistance information group Dmytro Tymchuk says the Armed Forces of Ukraine have retaken the village of Zolote-4 in Luhansk region under its control.

“According to information obtained by Information Resistance, late in June this year, a deep reconnaissance company of a unit from the [Ukrainian] Joint Forces reserve conducted a successful operation to liberate and take control of another important administrative unit, the village of Zolote-4,” Tymchuk wrote on Facebook on July 1.

There were no casualties among Ukrainian troops and civilians due to the skillful and professional leadership of the battalion commander, decisive actions by company commander, Second Lieutenant Oleh Lidenko and commander of the platoon Zurab Chikhelidze, Tymchuk said.

“The operation was conducted without violations of the Minsk agreements,” he added.

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