Friday, April 21, 2023

Sudan: 320 Sudanese soldiers flee to Chad amid deadly clashes


Around 320 Sudanese soldiers have fled fighting in their country and crossed the border to surrender to the Chadian army, Chad’s defense minister announced Wednesday.

Elements of the Sudanese army, including 320 gendarmes, police and military personnel, have entered Chadian territory, where “all have been disarmed and confined,” General Daoud Yaya Brahim said while speaking at a press conference, local media reported.

“This war does not concern us,” he was quoted as saying by local online media outlet N’Djaména Actu.

He also expressed Chad’s inability to contain an eventual spread of the conflict, which would lead to “account rigging, theft and communal conflicts.”

The News: … dly-clashes/2876933#



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