Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Puntland: Al-Shabaab and Islamic State (ISIS) militants clashed in Somalia


Two rival Al-Shabaab and ISIS militant groups have reportedly clashed in the Puntland state of Somalia, an indication of brewing internal wrangles which could perhaps give a slight advantage to the Somali National Army [SNA] who have been fighting them viciously for the last several months.

Sunday’s clashes took place in the Bari region where militants fought for several hours as they pushed to expand their territories. Al-Shabaab has a numerical advantage in the country and is said to be the most dangerous group.

The clashes started on Saturday and extended to Sunday and a better part of Monday morning, sources said. They fought around Dadamale and Qura’da in Ja’ayl within Bari region.

Both Al-Shabaab and ISIS operate in the wider sub-region known as Balli Dhidin with Qandala district in Bari, particularly between Qandala and Bosaso, the main commercial capital of Puntland.

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