Saturday, July 9, 2022

Democratic Republic of Congo: New clashes between army and M23 rebels break the ceasefire


Fresh clashes between M23 rebels and soldiers erupted in eastern DR Congo on Thursday, officials said, as the militia declared that it was not bound by a ceasefire agreement.

M23 spokesman Willy Ngoma told AFP that the deal brokered between the Congolese and Rwandan presidents in Angola on Wednesday was irrelevant.

“We are Congolese, not Rwandan,” he said. “If there’s a ceasefire, it can only be between us and the Congolese government.”

Talks between the Democratic Republic of Congo’s leader Felix Tshisekedi and Rwanda’s Paul Kagame in Angola on Wednesday initially raised the prospect of a ceasefire between the M23 and the Congolese government.

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