Thursday, April 29, 2021

Yemen: Houthi rebels fail to make gains in Marib


The Yemeni army and allied tribesmen have pushed back Houthi assaults on Marib city, an army spokesman said Tuesday as he denied media reports that the rebels were getting close to their target.

Maj. Gen. Abdu Abdullah Majili said the rebels had failed to make major gains in their continuing offensive and had lost hundreds of fighters, including many military leaders.

“Until now the Yemeni national army and tribesmen are inflicting heavy defeats on the Houthis, foiling their attacks, killing their fighters and destroying their equipment,” he told Arab News, adding that the Houthis were still sending reinforcements to the battlefield in their bid to defeat government troops. “The Houthis are spreading lies and rumors as part of their psychological warfare to compensate for their setbacks on the battlefields.”

On Sunday the AFP news agency reported that the Houthis had made gains after seizing control of Al-Kasara, which is northwest of the city.

Yemeni military officials and journalists visited Al-Kasara, interviewing soldiers and tribesmen who denied the Houthis were making progress.

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