Thursday, June 25, 2020

Burkina Faso: Army says it has destroyed 2 jihadist bases


Burkina Faso’s security forces said on Tuesday they had destroyed two jihadist bases in the north and east of the country and arrested two suspects near the border with the Ivory Coast.

A gendarmerie unit on Saturday “dismantled a terrorist base” near the eastern town of Tanwalbougou, the armed forces chief of staff said in a weekly bulletin.

In a separate operation in the north of the country, Burkinabe troops in the five-nation G5 Sahel force, supported by a company of soldiers from Niger, destroyed a terrorist base on Saturday in a drilling zone 40 kilometers from Oursi, it said. Eight motorbikes, phones, and other equipment were seized.

Meanwhile, two “suspects” were picked up in a joint operation with Ivorian forces to secure the two countries’ 550-kilometer (340-mile) border, it said. The operation “considerably disrupted armed groups in the area,” the statement said.

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