Monday, January 13, 2020

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels kill 30 soldiers in North Kivu


At least 30 Congolese soldiers were killed and 70 others seriously wounded last week during fierce fighting in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo with Ugandan rebel group the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), the army said Sunday.

“The fighting took place Thursday in North Kivu province, where the army captured the ADF’s headquarters during the battle at Madina [in the Beni region],” local media reported, quoting Major Mak Hazukay, the spokesman for the operation.

“Forty rebels were killed, including five of their leaders,” Hazukay said, adding government soldiers also lost several weapons to the rebels.

DR Congo forces launched operations against armed groups in the eastern part of the country at the end of last October.

The News: … -in-dr-congo/1700650



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