Monday, October 7, 2019

Libya: Libyan Army advances on new positions in south Tripoli pushing Haftar forces further away


The Libyan Army forces under the command of the Presidential Council’s government said they are still in control of Al-Aziziya district in southern Tripoli and the area from the district to Al-Sabea after heavy clashes with Khalifa Haftar’s forces that attacked from two different frontlines.

The Libyan Army added in a statement that Volcano of Rage Operation forces had full control over the area from Al-Aziziya to Al-Sabea after Haftar’s forces had retreated, adding that they had seized four armored vehicles, including one form the UAE, and captured nine fighters.

A military source said Libyan Air Force drones targeted Haftar’s forces positions on Al-Tawaisha and Al-Saediya frontlines in southern Tripoli.

This is the first time Libyan Air Force under the command of the Presidential Council takes part in the fighting after days of Haftar’s warplanes attacks backed up by foreign drones, which made a difference in the clashes.

The News:
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