Sunday, June 9, 2019

Afghanistan: Over 60 militants killed in 24 hours


More than 70 armed insurgents have been killed in Afghanistan’s southern region over the past 24 hours, as government forces have increased pressure on the Taliban in Kandahar and the neighbouring provinces, Xinhua news agengy reported on Sunday quoting an army statement.

Units of the national army in the latest crackdown on the Taliban have killed three insurgents in Khakriz district of the southern Kandahar province early on Sunday, said a statement of 205 Atal Corps released here.

According to the statement, a Taliban commander Mullah Mahmoud alias Bado Jan was also among those killed in the raids.

Similarly, the statement reported killing 41 insurgents in Miwand, Mianshin and Shah Walikot districts of Kandahar province since Saturday.

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