Monday, October 8, 2018

Afghanistan: 25 Taliban and 10 policemen killed in clashes in Wardak province


At least 10 policemen were killed in clashes with Taliban fighters in the central Afghan province of Wardak, officials said on Sunday, amid fighting to wrest control of arterial highways a day after Taliban fighters blew up bridges.

The Taliban set fire to a government building in Wardak’s Sayeed Abad district and killed the district police chief along with nine other policemen on Saturday night, a senior police official said.

Repeated assaults by insurgents on strategically important provinces, such as Wardak and nearby Ghazni have underscored how volatile security remains in Afghanistan two weeks before nationwide parliamentary elections.

At least 25 Taliban insurgents were killed by Afghan security forces, government officials said, and reinforcements from neighboring provinces were deployed to regain control of contested highways.

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