Saturday, August 25, 2018

Chad: Military Command Council for the Salvation of the Republic (CCMSR) new rebel group attacks Chad troops on Libya border


Rebels in northern Chad attacked government forces this week at the border with Libya, the fighters and two military sources said on Friday, although the government denied an attack had taken place.

A fledgling rebel movement, the Military Command Council for the Salvation of the Republic (CCMSR), says it seeks to overthrow President Idriss Deby, as Chad faces threats from militants and is trying to prevent the influx of extremists fleeing the Libyan conflict.

Mr Deby has been an ally of the West in the fight against Islamist militants in West Africa.

He has faced several rebellions since coming to power in 1990 at the head of an insurrection that toppled then president Hissene Habre, but there has been relative calm since 2009.

The CCMSR, which says it has 4,500 fighters, was founded in 2014 and fought its first battle against government forces earlier this month in the mining town of Kouri Bougoudi.

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https://www.thenatio … ibya-border-1.763461



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