Thursday, June 21, 2018

Afghanistan: 16 Taleban militants and 45 afghan security forces killed in clashes


At least 45 Afghan security forces and 16 militants have been killed after Taleban militants attacked security checkpoints in two Afghanistan provinces, authorities said on Wednesday.

In one attack, 30 Afghan Army soldiers and 16 Taleban militants were killed overnight after militants stormed two security checkpoints in Badghis province, provincial governor Abdul Qhafoor Malikzai told Xinhua news agency.

The governor added that more than 15 militants were also wounded during the fierce clashes.

The security posts were overrun by the militants and those among the injured were a Taleban shadow provincial governor.

In another attack in Farah province, 15 policemen were killed. No official of Afghan Defence Ministry was immediately available to make comments.

The News:
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