Saturday, February 3, 2018

Libya: Clashes between Libyan army and Islamic State (IS) militants kill 4 people


Clashes erupted on Friday between the Libyan army and Islamic State (IS) militants near the town of Zalla in central Libya, killing one soldier and three IS terrorists, according to a statement by Mrada unit of the army’s Oil Installation Guards.

“A secret surveillance patrol of the unit clashed with an IS group after they tried to blow up the railway station of Al Waha Oil Company,” the statement said.

A unit soldier was killed and two others were wounded, while three IS terrorists were killed, the statement revealed.

Zalla, a desert town in Al-Jufra district nearly 650 km southeast of the capital Tripoli, is one of the country’s most oil-rich regions, containing five major oil fields.

The News:
http://www.xinhuanet … 2/03/c_136945638.htm



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