Thursday, January 25, 2018

Cameroon: Violent clashes between army and Ambazonian forces leave 2 soldiers injured


At least two soldiers have arrived the Douala military hospital via helicopter after sustaining serious injuries in clashes with Ambazonian fighters last night at the border town of Ekok, sources say.

Military sources say the fighters launched an attack at about 4.30am on Thursday morning destroying the customs and gendarmerie posts in Ekok.

The attackers also set up explosives that wounded the two soldiers who have since been transported to the hospital. Several military vehicles and equipment were destroyed following as a result of land mines that were implanted by the attackers. However, the soldiers succeeded, to push back their attackers thanks to reinforcements from the Rapid Intervention Batallion from Eyumojock.

The situation remains under control, says a military source as more support arrived this morning from Bessong Abang and Bachouo Ntai.

The News:
https://www.journald … wo-soldiers-injured/



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