Monday, August 15, 2016

Mali: Dozens killed in clashes between Gatia pro-government fighters and Coordination of Movements of Azawad (CMA) members


Dozens of people have been killed in a violent clash between a pro-government militia group and a separatist umbrella organization in northern Mali, a local source told Anadolu Agency Friday.

The clashes started on Tuesday in Kidal between fighters of the pro-government group, GATIA, and armed members of the separatist Coordination of Movements of Azawad (CMA), Fahad Ag Almahmoud, GATIA secretary-general, told Anadolu Agency.

GATIA, which is a French acronym for Groupe Autodefense Touareg Imghad et Allies, English for self-defense group of Touareg and allies, comprises of Tuareg and Arab communities in northern Mali who support the government. Its rival CMA seeks greater autonomy and a separate state in the north.

According to the GATIA source, 39 bodies of CMA fighters were found and 34 other injured fighters were admitted to the Kidal hospital in the latest incident. Some of the injured were also transported to Niger for treatment. Five GATIA fighters were also killed and 24 others injured, including three in serious condition, the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity for safety reasons, added.

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