Monday, August 15, 2016

Iraq: Peshmerga regain control of 11 villages south east of Mosul, kill 120 Islamic State (IS) militants


Kurdish Peshmerga forces succeeded in regaining control of 11 villages southeast of Mosul and killed at least 120 militants of so-called Islamic State (IS), part of operations to drive IS out of Mosul and other areas in northern Iraq. More than 120 IS terrorists were killed in the Peshmerga offensive today, Mansour Barzani, commander of Kurdish special forces, said in statements to the press.

The offensive, supervised by president of Iraq’s Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani, would continue as long as IS was there, he said.

IS, he added, could not stand the Peshmerga attacks but was sending booby-trapped cars and suicide bombers. The forces, in cooperation and coordination with aircraft of the international coalition, killed more than 120 militants, he said.

The Peshmerga suffered losses as well. A photo journalist was killed while a reporter of the Kurdistan satellite channel - affiliated to the Kurdistan Democratic Party - was injured.

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