Monday, December 14, 2015

Somalia: Somalian forces recapture Barwaqo village from pro Islamic State (IS) militants


Security forces from Somalia’s regional administration of Jubba have recaptured Barwaqo village, about 12 km from Dhobley town in Southern Somalia near the Kenyan border.

Col. Haybe Ahmed Abdullahi, one of the commanders of Jubba Administration in Dhobley town, told journalists on Saturday that they rooted out the militants from Barwaqo neighborhood in lower Jubba region on Friday.

The control of this area fell into Pro-Islamic States militants on Tuesday this week, according to the officials and residents in the region earlier.

“Our forces are in the area now. We removed Da’esh (pro-Islamic States) militants who defected from Al-Shabaab fighters. They were a small group who has run away,” Haybe said.

A small group from Al-Shabaab claiming to be Islamic States emerged recently, bringing deadly war between the two terrorist groups in Somalia.

The News:
http://www.ghanaweb. … rom-militants-400553



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