Saturday, August 15, 2015

Libya: More than 100 killed during combats between Islamic State (ISIL) and Feryan tribe members in Sirte


Three days of combat in the city of Sirte left a death toll of 106, including Islamic State (ISIL) militants and tribe members, news channel Al Arabiya reported today.

Most of the casualties are member of the Feryan community who refused to pledge allegiance to the extremists.

The channel added that ISIL set fire to a makeshift hospital in Sirte District Number 3, a city which has been the target of fundamentalists since last Wednesday, but so far there are no reports of mortal victims due to the attack. Violence unleashed after the body of a relevant Muslim cleric in Sirte was found in a neighborhood. It is believed that the cleric was murdered by the Islamic State when he refused to pledge allegiance to the fundamentalist group, media outlets reported.

The News:
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