Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mali: Malian and French troops seized control of Gao airport and of a key bridge


French-led forces seized control of an airport and a key bridge in Mali’s northern city of Gao on Saturday, making significant inroads into the Islamist stronghold.

French forces have taken control of the airport and a key bridge in the radical Islamist stronghold of Gao, the French defense minister said Saturday, marking a significant inroad into the heart of territory held by the al-Qaeda-linked extremists.

The move comes just two weeks after France launched its military offensive to rout the Islamists from power in northern Mali. It is unclear what kind of resistance they will face in the coming days.

The Islamists first seized control of Gao and two other provincial capitals – Timbuktu and Kidal – in April last year during the chaotic aftermath of a coup in the distant capital.

The News:
http://www.france24. … gao-islamist-hombori



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