Friday, December 21, 2012

Somalia: 8 killed in fight between army and Ras Kamboni fighters in Kismayo


More details are coming from the southern port of Kismayo where Somali government forces and fighters from Ras Kamboni fought yesterday.

Eyewitnesses in Kismayo, who spoke to Shabelle but want their names used in the media because of security reasons, say that the fighting broke out when fighters from Ras kamboni militias attacked a a checkpoint manned by Somali national army.

The eyewitnesses say that the Somali national army who under attack by Ras kamboni militias defended their position by killing two of the assailants before the fighting intensified later with the deployment of battle wagon technicals.

Eight persons confirmed are died including civilians caught in the crossfire.

The News: … -a-fight-in-kismayo/



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