Friday, December 21, 2012

Mali: UN authorizes African military intervention in Mali


The UN Security Council has voted to approve the creation of an African military force to restore northern Mali to government control. The area has been controlled by rebels since an ill-fated coup earlier this year.

The resolution passed in a unanimous vote on Thursday, approving the deployment of an African-led intervention force to be known as AFISMA for a period of one year. The draft authorized the force to take “all necessary measures” to assist the government of Mali in efforts aimed at “recovering the areas in the north of its territory under the control of terrorist, extremist and armed groups.”

“All necessary measures” is diplomatic code for the use of military force.

Despite authorizing the use of force, the resolution also stresses the need to continue efforts to reach a political solution.

The French-drafted resolution authorized European Union countries and other UN-member states to provide training and logistical support to Mali’s armed forces.

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