Thursday, February 16, 2012

Somalia: 14 al-Shabaab fighters killed in southwestern Somalia attack

At least 14 al-Shabaab militants have been killed on Wednesday and many others wounded in an attack which took place in Gedo region of south western Somalia, a military official says.

Ibrahim Farah, one of Somalia Transitional Federal Government TFG army officials in Gedo region said that they have launched an attack this morning on a rebel-held village nearby Gedo Garbaharay town in Gedo region, killing 14 militants from al-Qaeda linked al-Shabaab group.

He claimed victory over the combat occurred at the area which is close to the Kenyan border has hit frequent attacks between Somalia government forces and Al-shabaab rebels, who are now facing increasing joint military offensives by TFG,AU soldiers and the neighboring countries.

The News:
http://www.shabelle. … article.php?id=15366



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