Thursday, February 16, 2012

Puntland: Rebel fighters loyal to Sheikh Mohamed Said Atom’s Galgala militia killed 20 Puntland soldiers


Sugure, a town under the control of the regional state of Puntland located 40km south of the coastal town of Bosaso, was the sight of a bloody battle this morning after rebel fighters loyal to Sheikh Mohamed Said Atom’s Galgala militia attacked Puntland security forces in their camp early in the morning.

“The rebel fighters attacked immediately after the dawn prayer. You could hardly hear the person next to you because of ricocheting bullets. The rebels were using heavy ammunition and the battle lasted for almost an hour. Bodies were scattered around the camp at least 15 Puntland officers were killed instantly. Two others were injuried and later succumbed to their injuries,” witness Omar Khalif told Somalia Report.

The incident was thought to be a revenge attack after Puntland security forces arrested Sheik Atom’s brother, Ahmed Said Mohamed yesterday.

The situation in the town is very tense and the residents are fleeing the area, fearing possible retaliation by the Puntland soldiers.

No official comments were available from Puntland officials.

Other news sources report that at least 20 soldiers died, however, Somalia Report can only confirm 15.

The News:
http://www.somaliare … ills_Puntland_Forces



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