Sunday, November 27, 2011

Senegal: Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance separatists kill 10 civilians in restive southern region of Casamance


Senegal’s army says 10 people have been killed by separatist rebels in the country’s restive south.

Army spokesman Col. Aboubakrine Kebe said Tuesday that the civilians were working in the jungles of the Casamance region when they were attacked by the fighters Monday.

The Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance has waged a low-level insurgency against Senegal’s government since the early 1980s, though attacks have declined in recent years.

Casamance has been plagued by sporadic violence as the rebels have fought for independence and against each other.

The Casamance region is separated from the rest of Senegal by the nation of Gambia.

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