Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dagestan: Fierce fightings between special forces and mujahideen taking place in Dagestan’s Kizlyar district

Sources from Dagestan report that a fierce battle is taking place in the vicinity of Kizlyar district of CE Province of Dagestan since Sunday morning. Russian invaders are using helicopter gunships, armored vehicles and heavy mortars.

The fighting turned around at a few sites - near the village of Malaya Kozyrevka, Shaumian, Ukrainian farm and directly in the village of Chernyaevka.

There is no accurate data on the fatalities of the sides available yet. Invaders say that 7 Mujahideen were killed during Sunday’s fighting. Invaders give their losses as 1 element killed and 2 wounded. However, these data are unlikely to reflect actual numbers.

Sources of Russian aggressors reported that a Mujahideen group is locked in a private home in the village of Chernyaevka. The storming of the house has been going for several hours already. Russian invaders are using armored vehicles.

The News:
http://www.kavkazcen … 11/05/08/14270.shtml



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