Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dagestan: Fierce fighting between policemen and mujahideen in Tsuntin district, 12 killed


Occupation sources are continuing to report very little information about the battle in Tsuntin district of Province of Dagestan.

According to the invaders, gang formations of the minion police were attacked by a detachment of the Mujahideen early Monday morning in the in Tsuntin district near the village of Kidero.

Initially, the invaders said that during the battle 2 minions were killed and 2 others were seriously injured. Later it was reported that 3 minions were killed and 6 others received serious injuries. They were belonged to the gangs of “MIA” and “special forces”.

Closer to the evening it was reported that 4 minion policemen were killed and 6 others wounded. However, two hours after that statement it was said that 5 policemen and commandos were killed and 7 other incurred seriously injuries.

Thus, during the battle, according to preliminary data, 12 puppet policemen and commandos have been killed and wounded. The casualties are probably much more, given the practice of the invaders and their puppets of concealing the actual numbers of killed and wounded.

The News:
http://www.kavkazcen … 11/04/11/14065.shtml



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