Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ingushetia: Reportage in republic at border with Chechnya prey of civil war


Plastic guns and shouting: two children with short hair chase one another among the cheeses of ricotta of bazaar in Nazran, Russian Republic of Ingushetia.

They play at cops and robbers that here is in «menty and waha», «cops and islamists». The problem for Moscow is that «goods» of play are the «waha», or wahabiti, islamic foundamentalists.

It’s not yet Afghanistan, but Ingushetia is already a Russia talibanization. Vladimir Putin commands during the day, Dokku Umarov, Emire of North Caucasus, during the night.

Moscow patrols go fast, spies of clandestine Emirate watch every movement.

I «governments» live under siege, like in a occupation land. Also first city, Nazran, is changing face like is happened in Bagdad during faida between shiites and sunnis: there are districts pro-russia and others pro-islamics.

The News:
http://www.corriere. … 6-00144f02aabe.shtml


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