Friday, February 26, 2021

Nigeria: Gunmen kill 36 people in attacks in Kaduna and Katsina states


Gunmen killed 36 people in two attacks in northern Nigeria on Wednesday, a day after insurgents fired rocket-propelled grenades amid worsening security facing Africa’s most populous nation, officials and residents said.

The series of attacks by armed bandits occurred over the past 48 hours with 18 people killed each in villages of Kaduna and Katsina states and several others injured. The assailants burned down houses, displacing the villagers.

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Nigeria: Supreme Egbesu Liberation Fighters (SELF) threaten to attack major cities


Militants from Nigeria’s oil-rich region have threatened to attack the country’s capital and economic hub for alleged neglect of the Niger-Delta, the nation’s petroleum producing area.

In a video statement Wednesday, Supreme Egbesu Liberation Fighters said they will target Abuja, the federal capital, and Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial city, if the government failed to improve the infrastructure of the Niger-Delta region, southern part of the West African country.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Central African Republic: Several civilians injured in violent clashes between armed groups and government forces


Several civilians, including women and children, were injured in violent clashes in the town of Bambari in the Central African Republic.

In a statement late Monday, Doctors Without Borders said a medical center was hit by bullets and explosives amidst violent clashes in Bambari on Feb. 15 and 16.

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Monday, February 22, 2021

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Italian ambassador Luca Attanasio and carabinier Vittorio Iacovacci shot dead in attack on UN convoy


The Italian ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and an Italian carabineri police officer were killed on Monday while travelling in the DRC in a UN convoy, the Foreign Ministry said.

In a brief statement, the ministry said Luca Attanasio and the officer, named as Vittorio Iacovacci by the Italian government, were killed in Goma. They were traveling in a convoy of the UN stabilisation mission in the country.

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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Somalia: 4 al-Shabaab terrorists killed and 21 captured by AMISOM forces


At least four al-Shabaab terrorists were killed and over 21 others captured during operations in Somalia’s Middle Shabelle region, African Union peacekeepers said Thursday.

Military operations against the al-Shabaab terrorist group were conducted by Burundian forces serving under the African Union Peacekeeping Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and the Somali national army.

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