Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Burma-Myanmar: Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) captures military base after nearly three decades of military junta control


KNLA-led joint forces attacked the base, where 50 troops were firmly deployed, for almost two months. Eventually, the base fell to KNLA, with every last Junta soldier killed, according to KNU’s Myeik-Dawei District Secretary Padoh Saw Eh Nar.

“We have captured the entire base and seized various weapons, including 120 mm artillery, though the exact list is not yet confirmed. About 50 junta troops were stationed there, and we have wiped them all out. After a two month- long offensive, we successfully captured the base”, he said.

After losing the base, the Junta retaliated by bombing a hospital operated by KNLA’s 7th Battalion with a fighter jet. Padoh Saw Eh Nar added.”soon after we captured the base, the Junta bombed the battalion hospital, killing a nurse and another woman. The hospital and Aungtharwara base are not close. Even if we voyaged by ferry, it takes about two hours”, he told KIC.

The News:
https://karennews.or … es-of-junta-control/



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