Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Russia: Russian forces capture Staromaiorskoye village southwest of Donetsk in Ukraine


Russia announced on Monday the capture of a village in the southern part of the eastern Donetsk region. The Defense Ministry reported that its forces “continued to advance into the depths of the enemy’s defense and liberated the settlement of Staromaiorskoye” (known as Staromaiorske in Ukrainian), situated southwest of the Russian-controlled city of Donetsk.

Ukrainian forces took over the village near the southern Zaporizhzhia region in July of the previous year during their summer counteroffensive.

Although the counteroffensive had limited success, it did allow Ukraine to recover some territory in the South. Staromaiorske, situated on the southern front at the southwestern edge of the Donetsk region, is currently witnessing intense fighting following a successful ground assault in the Kharkiv region last month.

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