Sunday, December 24, 2023

Burma-Myanmar: Brotherhood Alliance seizes another ethnic zone in Shan State


The Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) on Friday evening seized Mantong Town, completing its takeover of Palaung Self-Administered Zone in northern Shan State, TNLA officers confirmed on Saturday.

The town was seized after the TNLA – an ethnic Palaung army – routed the junta’s Infantry Battalion 130, which was based in Mantong.

The TNLA previously seized Namkhan and Namhsan towns in the zone, which consists of Namhsan and Mantong townships and was formally established by the 2008 constitution.

The TNLA and its Brotherhood Alliance partners began fighting for Mantong as part of Operation 1027.

Mantong is located 25 km northwest of the historic Bawdwin Mine in Namtu Township. It is in a mountainous area east of Shweli River adjacent Kokang Self-Administered Zone.

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