Sunday, May 28, 2023

Ukraine: Ukrainian army shells Russian positions at occupied Berdiansk


Russian forces suffered significant losses at Berdiansk in southern Ukraine, according to a post of the local pro-Kyiv authorities on Telegram. The post refers to an explosion in Berdiansk that was also reported on earlier by the media.

The post says: “Our soldiers hit Russian positions at Berdiansk,” and mentions “numerous casualties” without specifying the exact number.

Earlier on Saturday, reports about shelling aimed at the Azowkabel plant appeared in social media. Other news indicated attacks on resorts in New Petrivka near Berdiansk, where the Russian forces have been stationed.

The UNIAN Agency reported, quoting an Ukrainian war correspondent Andrij Capliyenko, that 150 Russians were killed by the shelling of the Azowkabel plant.

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