Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Sudan warns Ethiopia against troop deployment in its territory


The foreign ministry in Khartoum on Sunday said Ethiopian army forces have penetrated into its Sudanese territory and warned against the consequence of the repeated violation of Sudan’s territorial integrity.

In a sign of growing tensions between countries over al-Fashqa area, recent reports from the border area between the two countries spoke about troop build-up on the Ethiopian side of the border while the Sudanese army fortified its positions and built roads.

“Sudan condemns and denounces Ethiopia’s aggression by deploying its forces in (Sudanese) territory, in direct violation of Sudan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” said the foreign ministry in a statement on Sunday.

The foreign ministry further said that Ethiopia’s aggression is a that is regrettable and unacceptable escalation, that would have dangerous repercussions on security and stability in the region.

“Therefore, Sudan holds Ethiopia fully responsible for the consequences of its aggression,” stressed the statement.

The News:
https://sudantribune … pip.php?article70472



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