Thursday, December 24, 2020

Puntland: Police foils terror attack to key port city of Bosaso


Police in Puntland, the northern Federal State of Somalia, foiled an attempted terrorists attack in the commercial city of Bosaso, which targeted innocent civilians and security officers, in the latest attempt by the militants to create mayhem and havoc in the country.

The would-be attack, police said, targeted some important buildings within the coastal city, which has been lately facing terror attacks both from the al-Qaeda linked group, the al-Shabaab and a group linked to the ISIS, and which has also bases in Bari mountains.

Hussein Mohamud, the Bari region police boss, hailed local residents for working closely with the police to thwart the attack, which would have cost many lives, especially innocent civilians as the country prepares to go for an election any time from this month.

“We are happy that the close collaboration between security forces and civilians helped us to foil the attack which would have otherwise been devastating. We encourage this kind of genuine cooperation for the sake of safety within our state,” he told reporters.

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