Thursday, October 1, 2020

Sudan: Sudan Liberation Movement of Abdel Wahid al-Nur (SLM-AW) Darfur rebels attacked Sudanese army in Jebel Marra


The Sudanese army on Monday said Darfur holdout rebels attacked one of its positions in Jebel Marra area of Central Darfur, but the group denied the accusation.

Fighters of the Sudan Liberation Movement of Abdel Wahid al-Nur (SLM-AW) attacked our forces in Baldong area of Jebel Marra, said a statement by the Military Media Centre in Khartoum.

“Our forces dealt with the assailants and repulsed them,” said the statement without further details about the human causalities.

“The armed forces will continue to protect the homeland, complete peace, and confront everyone who targets the security and safety of the country and its citizens,” further said the statement.

The News:
https://sudantribune … pip.php?article69876



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