Sunday, August 11, 2019

Afghanistan: 15 Taliban militants surrender in the northern Badakhshan province


A total of 15 militants including a Taliban key commander have handed over their weapons to security forces in the northern Badakhshan province, provincial government spokesman Nik Mohammad Nazari said on Sunday.

“Taliban commander Mullah Ashor along with his 14 armed fighters have given up fighting and surrendered to security forces on Saturday,” Nazari told Xinhua.

Without providing more details, the official who described Mullah Ashor as the second in command of the Taliban fighters in Badakhshan province, said the security situation in Badakhshan would improve from now on after commander Ashor’s surrender.

Commander Ashor had served as Taliban commander in the Taliban-controlled Yamgan district over the past couple of years, local officials said.

The News:
http://www.xinhuanet … 8/11/c_138301034.htm



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