Monday, August 5, 2019

Burma-Myanmar: Hundreds trapped on highway in North Shan as Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) fights military


More than 200 commuters were trapped on a highway in Shan State’s Kutkai Township on Monday by fighting between the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and the Myanmar military (or Tatmadaw). Fighting erupted in the area on Sunday and continued Monday morning, according to local sources.

The fighting is located near Maw Ham and Tar Moe Nye villages, Major Tar Aike Kyaw, a spokesperson for the TNLA, told The Irrawaddy on Monday.

It first broke out in Maw Ham on Sunday between the TNLA and the Myanmar Army’s Light Infantry Battalion 419 under the control of Light Infantry Division 99.

The TNLA said it attacked Tar Moe Nye village as it houses a base set up by the Myanmar Army’s Light Infantry Battalion 290, which recently moved into the area as reinforcements, the TNLA said.

The News:
https://www.irrawadd … fights-military.html



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