Thursday, July 18, 2019

Somaliland: Somaliland Republic requests respect and recognition from Somalia and the rest of the World


There are five nation states within the Somali nation, and their dream to reform a ‘Great Somalia’, under one flag, government and institution has deceased and will not be revived again.

In 1960, two Somali nation states gained independence from British and Italian colonisation, they united under one government to form Great Somalia. It was a reactionary and emotional unification that lacked any concrete basis of justice and diplomacy.

There were not any legalisations that equalized the distribution of opportunities and resources to the different former states. All the important government positions were taken up by the former Italian protectorate side of Somalia, including the President, Prime Minister, Cabinet ministers, Commanders of the Armed forces and general Senior Managers etc.

The public sector, including education and healthcare resources were channelled to the southern part of Somalia, former Italian protectorate, leaving the other regions of Somalia severely, especially Somaliland, former British protectorate, with a distinct lack of opportunity and welfare as a result of this unfair distribution.

This injustice over decades, that engulfed Somaliland into poverty, unemployment, lack of respect and sheer discrimination, caused a liberation front to form known as the Somaliland National Movement, SNM, in 1981.

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