Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Iraq: 1 civilian killed as Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and Turkey clashes continue in Kurdistan Region


The spike in Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)-Turkey clashes continues as a civilian was killed in a suspected Turkish airstrike in Sherwan Mazin, Erbil Governorate while looking for rhubarb. In a separate incident, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was allegedly shot down by the PKK in Amedi district, Dohuk Governorate.

A statement by Major Saadun Hawdyani, spokesperson for Soran district police, revealed that a 60-year-old retired Peshmerga named Kazim Ali Faqo from Pendro village went missing in Sherwan Mazin on Tuesday, May 14; he was later confirmed dead.

Hawdyani’s statement warned locals to always avoid areas that have seen clashes between the PKK and the Turkish army.

Adil Sherwani, a local of the area, said that Lazim left home looking for rhubarb in the morning. Suspicions were raised when he failed to return in the afternoon.

He said it was the PKK that notified locals that Faqo had died due to a Turkish airstrike.

The News: … h/kurdistan/15052019



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