Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Syria: Army retakes more towns in southwest


Syrian army troops have liberated more towns in southwestern Syria from the foreign-backed Takfiri militants.

Syria’s official news agency SANA reported that the government forces raised the Syrian flag in the town of Jubata al-Khashab, Quneitra province, on Wednesday, a day after militants were evacuated under a deal with Damascus. Jubata al-Khashab was a stronghold of militants.

According to the report, the last batch of militants who refused to reconcile with the government left the town with their families and headed to northern Syria on Tuesday.

In the neighboring province of Dara’a, the Syrian army gained ground too, retaking the town of Qasir from the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group.

SANA said the town was the terrorists’ last stronghold in Dara’a.

The News:
https://www.presstv. … 85/Syria-army-towns-



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