Thursday, February 22, 2018

Yemen: Yemeni forces seize Houthi-controlled posts in Lahij


The Yemeni army aided by the Arab coalition’s air force seized posts that the Houthi militia had controlled in the Al-Qabbaytah District, north of Lahij.

Army forces advanced west of Al-Qabbaytah District following violent clashes with the Houthi militias which were deterred from several posts.

A source said the army seized control of most mountainous areas surrounding the areas of Moujar, Soubeih and Wadi al-Khamis, adding that there will still violent battles towards Souq al-Khamees.

At least 10 Houthi fighters were killed, the source added.

The News:
https://english.alar … -posts-in-Lahij.html



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