Saturday, December 2, 2017

Iraq: Iraq deploys army near Peshmerga front and threatens to seize areas southeast Sulaimani


The Iraqi government on Saturday deployed army near the Peshmerga frontlines in Garmiyan area in Sulaimani province, Kurdistan 24 correspondent reported.

Harem Jaff, Kurdistan 24 correspondent in Kalar district, the center of Garmiyan Administration, said the Iraqi government deployed army forces in the area to seize control over two checkpoints that have been controlled by the Kurdish forces since 2003.

The two checkpoints are located between the districts of Kalar and Qaratapa in Diyala.

Following the deployment, large forces of Kurdish police and the Peshmerga forces were sent to the area to stop the Iraqi army from advancing.

The News:
http://www.kurdistan … d7-befb-4b8a03ea5d36



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