Sunday, November 5, 2017

Yemen: 21 killed in fierce clashes between security forces and the Islamic State (IS) militants in Aden


Fierce armed clashes continued Sunday between Yemeni security forces and the Islamic State (IS) militants at Aden’s security HQ, killing 21 people, a military source said.

A military source based in Aden’s neighborhood of KhorMaksar said that the security forces supported by anti-terror units attempted to raid the building of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), but a huge explosion occurred.

He said that many officers and policewomen are besieged inside the CID building where a number of IS militants are hiding since Sunday morning.

One of the Islamic State militants blew up himself as the security forces attempted to raid and cleanse other rooms of the CID building from the terrorists, he added.

The News:
http://news.xinhuane … 1/06/c_136730080.htm



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